Raise Moolah, Get Moolala!

Hello friends!

SCTNow has just launched another contest- the Moolala 72 Hour Fundraising Challenge will begin today at 5pm EST and continue through til Monday, August 27th at 5pm EST. In the next 72 hours the person who raises the most money on their personal Walk Page will win a $50 Moolala gift card!

It’s easy: If you’ve already registered to walk with SCTNow this fall, invite people to support you by donating money to your Walk Page. (Use your Action Center!)

If you haven’t registered for the Walk yet, it’s not too late! Click here to register to walk in your community and start fundraising to qualify for this and other neat prizes!

Don’t live near a 2012 Walk City? That’s okay, too! Join the “Anywhere Walk“- a virtual walk that allows anyone, anywhere to raise awareness and money on behalf of Stop Child Trafficking Now!

Thank you & happy fundraising!

P.S. To make it easier to share your URL with supporters, find your city’s event page here, log in with your username and password, then enter your Action Center. From there you can simplify your URL to something easy for people to remember. For example, check out one of our Walk Specialists’ personal Walk Page URL: events.sctnow.org/goto/RachelForFreedom.


Go For Gold…the Results are In!

We challenged you to “Go for Gold” and you certainly did! Over the past 10 days, 37 new Team Captains signed up to lead a team in their communities. We are excited to announce the winners of our “Go For Gold” Team Captain initiative!

Congratulations to the following Team Captains….

Sheri W. representing Dayton, Ohio’s Team Freedom Fighters is our Special Investigative Team Gold Medallion Winner!
Caitlin C. representing Lexington, Kentucky’s Team ENCM is our SCTNow Drawstring Backpack Winner!
Camilla H. representing Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Team OneWay is our “Red with Love” T-Shirt Winner! (Camilla signed up to be a Team Captain this week and has already recruited 8 new Team Members! Way to go, Camilla!)

The National Walk Campaign is on target for an incredible year of awareness, advocacy, and action and it’s the support of people like YOU that makes it all possible.
If you haven’t registered yet to walk, please join us in a city near you, or, join our “Anywhere” Walk! We are still 13 teams short of our goal, so register to be a Team Captain and grab a few friends! Your teams can make a difference in this fight against child trafficking!


You are the Champions

Well, it’s been an action-packed Go For Gold, we have some event highlights! In the last 10 days, we were able to recruit over 25 new Team Captains, who in turn will recruit at least 3 new walkers to be part of their team. These teams have chosen  names like, “Lakeland Cares” (Yeah, Tampa!) and “Kickin’ Chickens” (Shout out to Raleigh, NC!). We are wowed by this show of teamwork and energy.

Though we’ve reached the closing ceremonies of our Go For Gold challenge, you still have an opportunity to take on the honor of  becoming a Team Captain. You can register up to the week before the walk, but why wait? Register HERE  today and make a BIG difference in the life of a child!


There is no “I” in Team (though there is one in Captain)

Captains certainly make a difference, (just look at Aly Raisman who led the U.S. women’s gymnastics team to victory in Athens!) but the best captains know that greatness is achieved by empowering their team members to be great. Today we want to feature 3 SCTNow teams…we are impressed and inspired by them and we hope you will be too!

1. Being new moms has inspired this team more than ever to stop child trafficking now. Atlanta’s “New Mom Crew” has NINE team members who have collectively raised $735 of their $5,000 goal!

2. Our biggest team so far is Augusta’s “In Focus Church” team with 30 members! WOW!

3. Team “Stevens Creek Church” in Augusta has raised the most money so far- $1,080 with only 10 team members! That’s an average of more than $100 per person! Great job, team Stevens Creek Church!!

♥ Special Mentions…

Shout out to team Bazinga! from Tulsa, OK…. We like your team name!

Steven Matjasko from Augusta is running 100 miles in 24 hours to raise money to Stop Child Trafficking Now! Talk about Going for Gold!!  Join his team and help him reach his goal!

Let your team inspire someone! Sign up HERE to be a Team Captain.

 All Team Captains who sign up by Monday, August 20 are registered in a drawing to win additional fun prizes!  



O Captain! My Captain!

Team Captains play an integral role in our walk campaign. They make a huge difference by rallying people together, getting them excited, and pushing them to reach their fundraising goal. We want to highlight one of our awesome Team Captains and share some of the ways they have made a difference.

Name: Holley Pace

Team: In Focus Church in Augusta, GA

Number of Team Members: 30-something

Inspiring Fact about Her Team: Last year, after her church showed the documentary Stop the Candy Shop, Holley found out about the SCTNow Walk and helped to organize a bunch of different teams for the Walk. This year, they decided they were better together, so they became one big team (the largest team so far) and started recruiting other churches to join them!

Keep up the good work, Holley and team In Focus Church!

Join Holley and become a Team Captain today! Click HERE to find out more!


I’m a Team Captain, What’s Next?

So, you’ve successfully registered to be a Team Captain for the SCTNow National Walk Campaign, are humming Chariots of Fire, and  imagining yourself on the Olympic podium… What will you do next?

It’s time to assemble your team! Read below for some ideas to get you going, or share on Facebook some of the ways YOU recruited your team!

1. Are you from a big family? See if your entire family wants to register for the walk event and compete against other teams to win a flat screen TV.

2. Recruit friends from your college/university to represent your school at the walk. Post signs in your student building to meet new people!

3. Get to know your coworkers outside of work- walk together for a good cause!

4. Make an announcement at your church, civic group, or boy/girl scouts troop, day care, gym, or even in the elevator (you have a captive audience!) to see if anyone is interested in joining your

5. Maybe you are already part of an existing team, be it athletic or otherwise- use this opportunity as a team-building event!


What are some other team-building ideas? Share on SCTNow’s Facebook and Twitter all day today!


You Know You’d Make a Great Team Captain If….


7. You have more than 3 friends on Facebook (or, if you’re not on Facebook, in real life).
6. Your town has a population of more than 5 people.
5. You’ve ever had a party and more than two people showed up.
4. Your last name begins with any letter A through Z (Now accepting R’s!).
3. You tend to get competitive and/or enthusiastic about contests.
2. You are already or getting ready to register for a walk in your community.
1. You know what child trafficking is and want to stop it.

To learn more about being a Team Captain, or to register today, visit our Team Captain Page. It’s easier than winning Olympic gold, but infinitely more important!  #GoForGold

#GoForGold is a 10 Day initiative through SCTNow to rally Team Captains across the nation to sign up and participate in the fight against child slavery through the National Walk Campaign.  All individuals who register to be a Team Captain from August 10-August 20, 2012 will be entered to win an exclusive Golden Medallion.* Winners will be announced via email on Tuesday, August 21, 2012.

*The gold medallion is golden in color, but not made of real gold.


Power of Ten Walk Fundraising Challenge-Announced

Take the Power of 10 SCTNow Walk Fundraising Challenge

10 Days
10 Dollars
10 Donations
…that will keep multiplying, to make a difference in the life of a child.

How does it work?
“Power of 10” has 3 easy steps

1. Register for one of our National Walks (if you haven’t already) www.sctnow.org/walk

2. Donate $10 to your own walk page.

3. Email 10 friends (using the “Power of 10” email template in your Action Center*) and ask them to donate $10 to your walk page and then forward the email along to 10 of their own friends to do the same!

And since it’s a contest…
This fundraising challenge has an added incentive! The top 10 individuals who raise the most money on their Walk page during the “Power of 10” fundraising challenge will receive a Stop Child Trafficking Now drawstring backpack and SCTNow slap bracelet.

The challenge begins today, Friday, July 27th, and will extend for ten days, until Monday, August 6th.

Start the challenge and make a powerful impact in a child’s life today!

For Freedom,
SCTNow Walk Team

*To access your Action Center, go to the SCTNow Walk home page and click on the box on the bottom right that says, “Register to Walk in Your City”. From your city’s event page, log in using your username and password. Click on the “Action Center” link at the top of the page to access your “Email” tab. Click “Use a Template” (under the subject line) and select the “Power of 10” template provided to begin emailing!
Winners will be announced on Wednesday, August 8th. Prizes will be awarded to the 10 fundraisers who accumulated the largest amount of donations from 12 noon EST Friday, 27th, 2012 through 12 noon EST Monday, August 6th, 2012. Donations larger than $10 are not only allowed, they are encouraged!  All winners must be registered for the SCTNow 2012 Walk Campaign.

Stop Child Trafficking Now | P.O. Box 4335 | New York, NY 10163-4335 |
Ph: 212-333-SCTN(7286) | Fax: 212-922-0015 | walk@SCTNow.org | http://www.SCTNow.org


3rd Annual National Human Trafficking Awareness Day Today (1.11.12)!

White SCTNow logo

Thank you, SCTNow Supporters!

Today, because of your support, more than 728,000 US signatures are being handed over to the president of the National Association of Attorney Generals in Seattle.This awareness petition campaign was sponsored by The Body Shop. SCTNow Walks across the country supported the efforts.Together we are taking a stand and letting our government know that we expect them to improve current legislation and in doing so help eradicate this heinous crime.

Great work, The Body Shop and SCTNow!

The Body Shop Petition

twitter_32.png facebook_32.png

It’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day!

The 3rd Annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day, slated by President Obama, to take place on January 11th each year, is a monumental day highlighting and engaging America in the issue of Human Trafficking. At SCTNow, we are reminded of the stories of children who’ve been heinously victimized in the sex slave trade.

Mary*: 14 years old was made to work as a waitress to pay off debt bondage. In the evening, she was also forced to sexually serve clients.

Anne*: 12 years old forced by a relative to prostitute herself at a hotel, over and over again.

Christine*: A teenager threatened that her mother would be horribly abused if she did not adhere to her traffickers demands. Christine was sexually exploited and victimized in unimaginable ways.

Mary*, Anne* and Christine’s* innocence was stolen through the crime of human trafficking. Though they were once trapped in a lifestyle of bondage and slavery, thanks to your generous donations and the work of abroad investigative teams, they are now on a new journey of healing, hope and freedom.

Today, on this 3rd Annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day, we remember these children and the countless others who are looking to you and organizations like SCTNow to help fight for their freedom!

*Names changed to protect the innocent.

Donate Now Button

1.11.12 – What Can You Do?
1. Change your FB/Twitter profile picture to the SCTNow logo!
Download the SCTNow logo by clicking here and
change your profile picture to spread awareness!2.  Text SCTNOW to 50555 to donate $10!
($10.00 donation to SCTNow. Charges will appear on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your prepaid balance. All purchases must be authorized by account holder. Message and Data Rates May Apply. TEXT STOP to 50555 to STOP. Text HELP TO 50555 For HELP.   Full Terms:  www.mGive.org/T. Privacy Policy)
3. Tell one friend that child trafficking exists (and what they can do to stop it)!
 SCTNow: 414 W. 51st Street, Lower Level, New York, NY, 10019 | 212.333.7286 | Info@SCTNow.org

Man gets TWO years for human trafficking

Man gets TWO years for human trafficking. What’s your verdict? http://ow.ly/7UE87 #justice#question

August 2022